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Buying Real Estate
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When you buy real estate it's important to know
two critical things:
What you're looking for looking for
 What you're willing to pay

A family enjoys the rail trail, 9 miles from Amenia to Millerton

       If you're not sure about either one, searching for property could
become an exercise in futility for you and your agent.  If you plan to
 buy, ask yourself some important questions about your needs and
 financial strength.  A real estate purchase can take considerable
 time and energy, even after you decide what you want.  
 A good realtor will listen carefully to your desires and ask you
 questions that narrows the search to the most likely matches.


                 Finding your dream place
        Many times when people are looking, they're
trying to match their imaginary perfect home with
what's on the  market.  That can be a recipe for
 disappointment.  Very rarely will there be an
exact match, so it's better to have a creative spirit.

Sunset over the Catskills, from Silver Mountain

        Great homes are created by caring occupants.  Be willing to adapt
 an available property to your unique tastes.

           Remember; you can change the house, but you can't change the land much.
 Some people have purchased lousy homes that happen to be on great lots in a nice
 neighborhood.   The minute they upgrade the house, their equity soars.

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