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Naneu K4L camera bag / backpack.

GREAT bag to travel with. 5 stars. By Naneu well made, clever design, laptop compartment Watch the video review http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3SczrJbLz0

Otterbox Defender case for iPad… excellent

If you haven’t heard of Otterbox you need to check them out. Their cases withstand hard use, travel, and occasional abuse. The Defender series is their best case, and frankly, it’s indispensable.    It does add weight, but if you use your iPad the way most people do, you want to take it wherever, and […]

Japan Airlines

Folks, if you travel to the far east, consider Japan Airlines. wonderful.. you’ll feel like a king or queen.    They know how to do customer service, let me tell you. Connections to Tokyo and many other cities like Bangkok, Thailand. Video: great stuff to take when you travel long distances  

Thailand, wow !!

Ibis Hotel, Bangkok……. brand new, and wonderful…. must see, and very inexpensive. Computers in rooms, free internet, waterside meals, fabulous pool. Thailand is a destination that is highly under rated. Sure, you’ve heard of the great beaches, and the one at PhuKet that got pounded by the tsunami in 2004. But, a lot has happened […]

Compasses – they’re really important.

Navigation article Do you know how to navigate ? Click on article link above.. Compasses are a pilot’s best friend because they don’t use any electronics, for one thing.      If you do much hiking, boating, flying, driving, or biking, it’s a good idea to have a quality compass in your gear.  Compasses come […]

Artline globes

Learning about geography and stars is made easier with well-made globes.    Artline makes high quality globes.  The one pictured is designed to help one learn about stars and constellations.  You can set it up for any location and time on earth. Manufacturing quality is excellent.     Read more about it by searching Artline […]

Mini Cooper – great ride !

If you’re in the market for a car, take a good look at the  Mini Cooper.  It’s got really cool style and attractive colors.  It’s extremely economical and has a high resale value.   It’s sporty, just plain fun to drive.   The suspension and motor are from BMW, it’s quality through and through. It […]

Buy an airplane ASAP ( no we’re not crazy )

All content copyright Paul Smyres, Living Being Media, all rights reserved. Current aviation situation favors owning your own aircraft : large inventory, long life of maintained aircraft, tax breaks, lower prices, crowded airports, parking, etc…… Believe it or not, NOW is a great time to buy an airplane. CLICK ON LINK TO SEE ARTICLE, PHOTOS […]

Fly a lot ? Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is a nice way to get there. I can vouch for these people.    The staff I’ve encountered have been friendly, helpful, alert, and often funny.   They have tough jobs.    Southwest’s system of seating works smoothly.    Sign in online, print your boarding pass, get a number A, B, from 1 […]

Canon T1i 500 – excellent

Honestly, there are TONS of great cameras out there…. Canon, Nikon, Leica, many others But I know about this one, the Canon Ti 500 digital SLR, and I’ll vouch for it.   It’s small, but if you travel a lot like I do, or you fly around in small airplanes, hike, or entertain yourself in […]