Getting the most from Ebay


find great stuff on eBay

Shopping on Ebay can save you a LOT of money,

and it can also help many individuals and small businesses survive

Let’s face it, the economy is not getting much better anytime soon.   You need to shop carefully and save money whenever possible.    If you know what you are looking for and can be patient, you will maximize your savings.

How to take great product photos

A lot of people don’t  take advantage of eBay.  Some people worry they will get burned.  Well, folks, if that’s you, start rethinking.    You could save thousands of dollars annually if you get smart with Ebay, and the stuff will come right to your door.

Here are some tips.

Start with a good search.   use filters, like price, condition, even location.   Know the products you like and try searching for them on Ebay.   Narrow it down.

Look for good photos.   If you can clearly see what you are buying you can bid confidently.  On the other hand, if you know exactly what you are looking for, you may find a listing with a terrible photo that isn’t getting any bids.  That’s when you can really get a good deal.

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Be careful of shipping costs.   Make sure to check it in the listing.   It’s okay to buy from international sellers, just know what it’s going to cost you.

Think before you bid.   If you really want an item, and it’s unique, rare, vintage, collectible, etc.. go all out and put in your top price.  don’t be shy.  On the other hand, if there are many of the item on Ebay, go for the lowest price.  Shop at odd hours… for example when most people are asleep, or on a holiday.   You’ll be surprised what you can get.

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And use Ebay also to SELL stuff you don’t need.   Trade your unwanted stuff for quick cash, and use that to buy what you need.   Make sure you have good photos and description.   Research prices on Ebay by using the “completed listings” feature.   That way you don’t waste your time and spend on listing fees.

stuff happens, be ready


Aladdin Renaissance Technology ™

Great products to take with you on adventures, travel.
Aladdin tests and recommends a host of useful items,

and assembles them into kits for various purposes.

See their store at


See their survival and rebuilding tools site




Bloggie Touch and Flip Video

It’s so nice to have a small, easy to use video camera with you whenever….. great for travel especially.

These two little cameras fit the bill. Sony Bloggie Touch and the Pure Digital Flip Video

The Sony Bloggie touch is lighter and smaller, and can take snapshots.  It’s easier to use with the wider screen, and do horizontal shots.   However, don’t let the battery go down to zero or you’ll lose the photos and videos.  It holds over 2 hours of video.

The Flip Video is more durable, and won’t lose the photos when battery gets low.   It holds 2 hours of video, 16 GB version.   Video quality is excellent.


Best Stuff for pilots, 1 of a series, video


Best Pilot Guide

     Pilot resource site

Hi Everyone,

Pilots need really good stuff that works like it should.    I’m reviewing a bunch of products at one time and putting them into 10 minute videos.


Wild edible plants….free food !

You could own and fly this airplane

Most people don’t realize how much fantastic food is growing all around them.    All you have to do is stop for a minute and ask, “what did people do before there were grocery stores ?”.    Really… they lived for THOUSANDS of years without any stores.  Slowly people got lazy, forgot, etc, and here we are..

John Kallas, PHD  has written a great book.   Edible Wild Plants, wild food from dirt to plate.


BOOKS.. vintage technology used worldwide

check out our bookstore

Never underestimate the power of a good book !

People and whole countries have been changed by a single book, or bunch of them.

Support your local book stores, or anyone selling GOOD books.   Sure, there’s a lot of junk books, but also loads of excellent ones.  Old, new, in or out of print… books can make you wiser, help your health, improve relationships, and much more.

Books never need batteries, will survive any power outage, and many new “books” go right to digital, so there’s nothing to have and hold.   You only buy rights to use it.    With real books, nobody can keep track of what you are reading.   Your reading habits can become totally transparent if you always read “in the cloud”.     SOMEONE keeps track of that info, even what page you are on.   weird.

So buy good used books, and keep them aside.    If electronics fail, there’s always a hard copy.    Some really important books are getting harder and harder to find.   In those cases, a digital book may be the only copy you’ll be able to buy, so do that and save it somewhere really secure.

and if you want to make money, sell used books to   Fat Brain, in UK   

In USA, buy from and sell to;






Tiny houses, and alternative spaces

Hey everyone… tiny homes are now gaining popularity fast.

It makes total sense.  How much space do we really need anyway ?   For thousands of years we all lived fine without 5,000 square foot “mcMansions” in the suburbs.  City dwellers know how to be really smart about using space efficiently.   Why heat or cool a huge space if you don’t need to ?    Small homes are much easier to clean.   Do the chores in a few minutes and get on with living.

Click on the Tiny House link below…

and while you’re at it, check out Yurts..

Pacific Yurts

Yurts are cylindrical homes with a dome, insulated, wind resistant, and very cozy.  They’ve been used by Mongolian nomads for centuries.    In USA, they are not taxed, as opposed to a regular home.    Pacific Yurts makes incredibly beautiful yurts.

“Aladdin Survival Kits” ( tm )

WATCH A VIDEO… light knife fire

Ingenious selection of tools, supplies, and resources in ready-to-go packs. Basic, medium, and large. Watch the videos….

You’ll be amazed at what you can do with the stuff packed into our bags. See our YouTube section

Light, knife, fire   the basics for survival, video

Be Prepared

Naneu K4L camera bag / backpack.

GREAT bag to travel with. 5 stars.

By Naneu well made, clever design, laptop compartment

Watch the video review

Otterbox Defender case for iPad… excellent

If you haven’t heard of Otterbox you need to check them out.

Their cases withstand hard use, travel, and occasional abuse.

The Defender series is their best case, and frankly, it’s indispensable.    It does add weight, but if you use your iPad the way most people do, you want to take it wherever, and be able to use it without worrying too much.

It’s a good idea to have more than one case for your iPad and iPhone, and other devices.