Office gear

Quickbooks accounting software

accounting can be a real pain, but not with Quickbooks

Quickbooks makes accounting much easier.

Do you run any kind of business?    Accounting got you down?   It’s hard to go wrong with Quickbooks, available for Mac or PC.   You can use built-in templates for a variety of business types, or set it up precisely for all your unique accounts.

Using it is fantastic, so much help.  Sure it takes time to enter data.  So what?  Once you get set up, a short time each day and you can rest your mind.

One of the great benefits come in amazing variety of reports you can generate to see exactly how you are doing financially, what you’re spending on, where the income is coming from, etc.    You can also set up budgets, pay bills online, and much, much more.

Get the pro version and read the instructions as you install, so you can get maximum benefits from it.

Otter Box case, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.

A Great case for iPhone

You spent a lot of buckaroos on your trusty iPhone ( or Blackberry ), so do yourself a favor, and protect it.

This Otter Box Defender case is ideal.   It’s tough, has it’s own screen protector, and covers for those vulnerable holes ( for headphones, charging ).   If you travel a lot, you need this.     There’s another version without the belt clip / holder, and it costs about half as much.   Get it on Ebay for best price.

Otter Box makes cases for other gadgets too.     Check out their website

Otter Box - durable case

Mac Intel — “Get a Mac, Jack !”

All content copyright Paul Smyres, Living Being Media, all rights reserved.  No reproduction.

The new Intel chip iMac is a true wonder machine, and of course MacBook Pro and Mac Pro     OMG !

When you switch to Mac you don’t look back………

“And oooh, what great designs you have !”

One used to be limited to one or the other, but now you can have 2 computers in one with Mac Intel.   Keep your Windows software, if you still want any of it    Do you have some Windows software you need to run, for pleasure or business?    Load up Windows in a separate section of your computer, and boom !  2 computers.    And, the Mac runs Windows better than your typical PC, much more stable.

I run Flight Simulator X on my 3.06 GHZ    24 ” iMac   2 GB RAM,.   It runs great.  I also have a number of other software packages I use Windows for from time to time.

But, the real glory of iMac and Mac Pro is speed, superb stability, and FANTASTIC operating system.    I used to spend over 100 hours per year, sometimes more, just dealing with Windows and PC problems.   GONE, thanks to Apple.  I love my Mac !    You can “deal” with a PC, but with a Mac you’ll be in love.    a few more reasons;   Garage Band, iMovie, iPhoto, sexy looks, works with all Apple gear like iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc, and a home stereo, video system as well, and the AirPort…

If you haven’t done it Jack, just get a Mac !

WHAT, you don’t have an iPhone yet?

For those you who:

aren’t persuaded yet

Try it, you’ll like it.   Tons of apps,

works with your Apple computer ( WHAT, you don’t have that either?  poor dear )

loads of accessories, extremely versatile

so easy to use, video,

great quality and durability.  I’ve dropped mine many times, took it to India and Costa Rica

“It costs too much !”

“Oh, PLEAZE !   Get out your calculator and start doing the math…

If you have an iPhone, you can ditch these;

……calculator, guitar tuner, GPS unit, iPOD, alarm clock, rolodex, pilot / aviation calculator, digital voice recorder, small digital camera, recipe book, calendar, to do lists…..    and your watch, pedometer, stopwatch, level

……… Oh my, the list would be way too long and we’d bore you.


check your email while on the road ( one timely message could save your whole job / client / relationship )

Apple support team ( they are geniuses and save you money and time.)

Warranties available from Apple

And while you’re at it, get the Otter Box case. It’s the BEST I’ve seen so far.  Look, you can’t take any case underwater yet, or drop it off a cliff, but GET SOME KIND OF PROTECTOR, for your precious iPhone..   And  buy it on Ebay, have it sent right to your house for a great price.

Otter Box  –  A Great case for iPhone

ATT network ……..

Look, is any carrier perfect?   ATT covers a wide area, reasonable cost.   I live in a rural area and travel a lot.  Works for me.


Are you upgrading from older iPhone?    Here’s a poem for you.

Ode to “I”

by Paul Smyres   all rights reserved copyright 2009

Oh, iPhone, we all get old

no one wants us, love grows cold

you and i have been a team

but your sister’s apps make me beam

I know you’ll never be alone

when millions toss their ghetto phone

you’ll rest awhile and then one day

you’ll spend a weekend on ebay

you’ll log in with someone new

who’ll love you like i used to do

they’ll be enthralled by all your charms

and hold you in their loving arms

they’ll load you up with all new gear

so you’ll have fun, no need to fear

they’ll touch you places i did not

and tell their friends that you are hot

you’ll sing them songs i never knew

see new places, people too

from time to time i’ll think of you

i wish you luck, and long life too

well, my  i, it’s time to fly

i know it’s sad, please don’t cry,


goodbye, “I”