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living breathing human beings 
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Paul Smyres  photographer, writer, website designer  stock photography
I do family and pet photography.  I can do a variety of styles in color or monochrome. 
It takes a special kind of person to photograph babies and children.

Prices    917-239-3151  9 a.m. to 7 p.m.   Other photo services

Make a precious heirloom for your family.
I'll capture your child's personality on high quality film or digital camera.

On location within 50 miles of Millerton, NY
or sittings in our country studio in Millerton.   
call for an appointment
A train from NYC ( Metro North, Wassaic station ) is nearby.

 Our property is an old farmhouse surrounded by fruit trees and flowers, 
a small pond and stream.  It's home to many birds. 
There are many outdoor settings that are great for portraits.

Photographing your child
A child's expression is the most important part of a photograph, so the photographer's rapport with the child is crucial.  

I have photographed around 500 infants and children under 2, 
plus thousands of older children at
schools and dance schools.


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Call for details  917-239-3151

It's all in the eyes.

" A simple child, that lightly draws its breath,
and feels its life in every limb,
what should it know of death."
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        Infants present a real challenge to the photographer for a host of reasons. 
You must work fast, for one thing, as a baby will tell you in a hurry when it has had enough of you.  
Stay in control of the situation or forget it.  The photographer must be a director.

Get some basic shots before you try to experiment with poses. 
Work in small bursts, if necessary, giving the baby a comfort break between shots. 

A baby under 3 or 4 months  doesn't care much about toys;  it's people they like.  
Sounds can be very appealing, especially familiar voices. 
Good luck trying to change outfits.  
Use simple colors and patterns, with an uncluttered background.  

Make use of interesting textures, and add a small object for color and personality.

To make the shoot easier for the young folks, standardize the setup. 
You will have enough to deal with besides setting shutter speeds and apertures. 
You need to focus mentally on the baby and its mood.
   photo tip
The ideal time is between 2 to 3 or for months old This baby is having fun doing the shoot

infant3.JPG (11074 bytes)

Not all babys smile.  They ruminate and look around It is not east to get a baby to do this. A simple set-up makes a gift to last a lifetime.

The style of photography shown above is very simple,
but I can also shoot with a variety of backgrounds and props in color or monochrome. 
I can also produce and antique look, in sepia, or a monochromatic brown.
Usually, however, simpler is better with very young babies. 
After a baby is six months old or so you can do more tricks with them
because they can hold their heads up, and their back muscles are stronger.

"Cars for stars"
Rare, antique, and collectible cars

photo note-cards
color and monochrome

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