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Aviation photos

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Most people love the feeling of flying, as long as they feel reasonably safe.
Being up high gives such a unique perspective.
Aerial photos are uncommon, yet so useful to many businesses.
An aerial photo of your home is a great gift.
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Flight school    Cessna 152 / 172   Aviation photos  Vintage aircraft 

  Aviation and pilot information
Best Pilot Guide

Many people love to fly a small plane.   This is Randall airport in Middletown, NY   home to some gliders and ultralights.

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Old bomber.  Old aircraft are very popular
Vintage aircraft

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taking a ride in a small plane is a great adventure for a child
A young person's first ride
in a small plane can
 be a life changer.


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Cessna 152

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The above site has lots of links to aerial photography sources.
Rhinebeck NY Aerodrome
historic aircraft, air shows in upstate NY
Oklahoma Schools and Colleges
for Aviation Flight and Pilot Training - TAEA


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