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Living Being Media
Living  Being  Media 
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Quality and effective low cost internet advertising.

Our proprietary systems get noticed on the internet.
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Our pages and sites are very easy to find, attractive to visit,
and most importantly, they deliver the promised content.
Clean, informative content and interesting products keeps visitors coming back.


Our sites are found by over 25,000 DIFFERENT search strings  every month !
We average over 300,000 unique visitors monthly from up to 150 countries.

For quotes and inquiries   917-239-3151 cell

Some of the many subjects in our sites ( there are well over 1,500 pages ):  

Pets, photography, travel, humor, music, art, aviation, flight school, old cars, weird stuff
domestic animals, Amish farms, real estate, Hudson Valley, trucks, and much, much more.  
We keep adding content, too.  In fact, we could add a page just for your business, and it could
look very similar to your home page.   We will work with you to find the best pages for your ads.

New site under, poetry, art ... click for sample
Music, Art, Life.

Prices and site traffic.:   

    The cost of advertising on our network is very reasonable.   For most pages we charge a modest one time fee that covers a whole year.    For example, a single one line text link on 6 content related pages is $ 35 USD per year on pages other than the home page and a few other special pages such as the table of contents.   Small banner ads cost more because they take up more space.  More info and prices

     Our site is accessed in most cases by visitors going directly to a subject page as a result of a search, so the home page is not necessarily the best place for your ad.   To get more exposure, we suggest placing your ad on multiple pages.

    We do not accept ads from the following:   gambling sites, pharmaceuticals, sites with extensive and explicit sexual content.   We also do not accept any pop-ups, or any bizarre, animated ads.

Your ad can go on one or all of our three current sites listed below
Plus, get early exclusives on our 2 upcoming sites,
and  Travel, inspiration, photography tips, interesting products, crafts, real estate created by Paul Smyres  music, art, life.   Travel and lifestyle, humor, old cars, alternative energy, education real estate information resource, Sale by owner ads, Hudson Region and general info.  
created by Paul Smyres

Coming soon:    internet business to business directory
   "If you're in business, you need friends"
Business to business networking, info, links  
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AND, a brand new exciting site later this year, all new style and features

Got pictures ? -- do you need unique images for your site?

We own the rights to thousands of creative and unique images
created just for the internet.   Very reasonable usage rates.
Photos make sites much more attractive and can say in seconds 
what 1000 words can't say.

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Use our images or yours, plus music, quotes, more.

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