synthesis club, ulster county community college, hudson valley,  NY   


Synthesis News

Issue #1, February 2003


What is Synthesis?  

The Mission:

To establish a network of free thinking, truly educated human beings who are committed to working together to strengthen our local community and create a better world.


Synthesis, the Interdisciplinary Club, seeks to assist people in understanding our world through many different perspectives and disciplines including philosophical, social, economic, environmental, scientific, moral, political, and spiritual. Through a developed understanding of the interconnectedness of our world, a person is better equipped to consciously choose the way in which they live their lives. Synthesis also seeks to facilitate people’s realization of their own power and potential. Each person has a unique gift to share with the world in order to positively transform it.


In Synthesis, we present many sides of an issue or topic in order to allow for individuals to decide for themselves what they believe to be true. Each person has the ability to think critically about information and formulate their own opinion when they are given more then just one biased perspective. We, the youth, the students, a generation of people who are ready to begin a new phase of Democracy, have the power to create a society based on a culture of peace, justice, community and a deep respect for all of life… and now is the time to do it!

We aim to:

  • Understand our present local and global situation through the synthesis of ideas, facts, theories and experiences.
  • Invite educators, thinkers, activists, and leaders to share their experiences and information with us.
  • Instill students with a commitment to establish peace, justice and a respect for life on this planet.
  • Educate students through the creative use of radio, the internet, music, art and video.
  • Create a network of Synthesis chapters throughout Ulster County to form an active student network locally.
  • Network with active youth, environmental, political, social, scientific & human rights organizations locally, nationally and globally.
  • Involve all of people involved in the Ulster County Community College in our endeavors: students, faculty, staff and the local community.

More coming soon.