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Chakra Healer Mixed Stones Necklace, Mixed Stones Necklace & Earrings, Turquoise Heart Necklace & Earrings and Chakra Balance 7 Stones Pendant.

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Sexy Martini - curved stem - 7 oz. - 6.5 inches tall (curved stem)
Sprinkled with gaily colored olives amid hand painted miniature gold and silver martini glasses, this contemporary design is beautifully executed with artful elements that surprise at every turn.  As the inscribed  quotable verse humorously reminds us - One Martini...Two Martini...Three Martini...Floor! 
A MUST HAVE for all martini aficionados.
SHTR-1997 Man-O-Man Design - Hand Painted - Collectible Shooter Glass - 1.5 oz. Collectible Shooter-1.5 oz. 3.75 inches tall Adorned with hand painted angular components this regal design is both bold and beautiful. Starting with numerous combinations of common shapes, each is elaborately painted with multiple layers. The result is anything but common, with each stunning piece resplendent in gold, silver and bronze.  both are great gifts for Father's Day or gift for a man
HH-1697 Mothers Like Wine Heart Shaped Box - 2 pieces - 4.5 inch diameter, Hand lettered in bronze is the heartfelt sentiment, "Mothers, Like Wine--Become More Precious With Time." The surrounding area is filled with an abundance of elaborate clusters of grapes exquisitely hand painted in seven hues of purple with golden accents.  Swirling grape vines and leaves complete the design.  Great gift for a woman or mother's day.
WHRTSET-3001, Party Palms Design - Hand Painted - Heart Bottle Set - Large Heart Bottle with cork top & 2 matching Small Heart Bottles with cork tops   News flash!  Palms party in paradise!  When the occasion calls for a tropical touch of whimsy, the Party Palms Design conjures up instant jubilation.  Featuring three gorgeous hand painted palm trees, each a detailed work of art in it's own right.  Together they swing and sway to a party beat.  Flamboyant and festive, this lively trio will have you hunting for a limbo stick!   Wedding gift or gift for a woman
WBFPS-1797, Matching Set of Toasting Flutes - 6 oz. - and Cake Plates - 7 inch Delicately outlined in gold and silver, shimmering hearts are focal point of this elegant and romantic design. With over 30 unique items available hand painted in the Bride's Heirloom Design, you will be certain to find the perfect gift for your favorite Bride-To-Be. Or just imagine a magnificent head table set with a multitude of pieces exquisitely crafted in the "Bride's Heirloom" and matching "Groom's Remembrance" Designs, with one to be presented to each member of the Bridal party as a memento of this special day.  wedding gift or gift ffor a woman
Golf - 19th Hole Design - Hand Painted - Pilsner - 16 oz.
with Glass Golf Ball Stem
16 oz. Pilsner with Golf Ball Stem - 8.75 inches tall
When it's your turn to pick up the tab at the 19th hole, do it in style with this extraordinary design depicting a sunny day spent beneath swaying colorful trees on your favorite course.  Golfers are an exotic breed that cherish all things related to golf.  Surprise your favotite golfer with, a certain to be cherished gift, brilliantly hand painted in our Golf / 19th Hole Design. great gift for golfers
CANL-9003, Pretty in Pink Design - Hand Painted - 19 oz. Bubble Ball with candle The charming Pretty In Pink Design is bursting with beautifully hand painted bold pink breast cancer awareness ribbons accented in glorious gold and shimmering silver.  This joyously festive design was created to celebrate the life of survivors and is the perfect positive and hopeful sentiment for those recently diagnosed with breast cancer as well as for long time survivors. Note from the designer, Raenell; for me the worst part of dealing with this disease was first learning that I had cancer. Fortunately, what used to be devastating news has evolved into the beginning of the survival journey.  My wish while creating Pretty In Pink was to gladden the heart and soul with brightness and color, and to bring enjoyment and pleasure to those who wear the pink ribbon.  On my store site, when a person purchases a Breast Cancer Awareness Gift Basket, a $5.00 donation is made to breast cancer awareness.  If a pink gift (Pretty in Pink glassware) is purchased a $1.00 donation is made to breast cancer awareness.  gift for woman

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