unique custom wood furniture, handmade furniture, Catskills, Woodstock, NY, metal sculpture, weird art

Fabulous Furniture
by Steve Heller

Beautiful custom made wood furniture
Steve makes unusual furniture from hardwood logs and old car parts. 
Definitely nothing like it anywhere else. 

Outside his store there are some wild metal sculptures made from the parts of old cars, mostly Cadillacs.   You must see this stuff to appreciate it.

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FFdinosaursculpture1w.jpg (63841 bytes)

Boiceville, NY  --   take Rt. 28 from Kingston, NY ( exit 19 on the Thruway). 
Travel west almost to Boiceville, where Onteora High School is located. 
His store is about a mile East of Boiceville.   Boiceville is in the Catskills
not far from Woodstock, NY    

tree lamp lamps and mirrors

lamp and mirror great use for an old headlight
lamps made from tail-lights a unique table with a rocket theme
Made from old car parts.  The lights work! Mirrors Home bar, with a Cadillac bumper motif -- SOLD Must be seen, really.  He sells to an international clientele.
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Route 28   Boiceville, NY  12412   845 - 657 - 6317

These items are one-of-a-kind and collectible.  Please call for prices.

collectible, weird art, 1950's cars, Catskills, NY, Woodstock NY, crafts, weird stuff, 

Weird, made from 1950's car tailfins.

When the snow melts, this thing can move.

coming in for a landing...

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