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Capital Solutions
Business consulting
(Area Code 044 for Madras) : 55693957 (office/residence)
mobile phone: 98411-55857.   
Please note that the southern city of Madras is now officially renamed Chennai. 
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Capital Solutions is positioned as a practical frontline organization offering professional support
 services to corporate, small management, and even individual needs.
Experienced and dedicated staff
ready to act at short notice from offices in Chennai, Kolkata and New Delhi,
and an overseas office in Bahrain, Capital Solutions is ideally equipped to provide
professional and instant response to the needs of managements worldwide.

Recent clients
Instead of attempting the formidable task of listing out all the possible scenarios requiring the
services of Capital Solutions, a brief look at our recent activities
will be adequately illustrative.
All names mentioned are fictitious, in keeping with our policy of confidentiality.

ABC Consultants
, of Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A., were retained by a leading IT employer
to find personnel to fill around fifty senior level vacancies. Capital Solutions, representing ABC
 Consultants, successfully planned and executed the screening and selection processes from
 requisitioned offices at Nehru Place, New Delhi, to the entire satisfaction of the clients.

Chemjay Imports, of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, required tea and leather goods of specified quality
from Kolkata.   Capital Solutions, after arranging samples for approval, also arranged the
subsequent shipment from Kolkata.

Mr. R.K.Sahni, an NRI settled in Spain, found it difficult and expensive to have to travel
to India periodically to attend to property matters. He turned to Capital Solutions,
which appointed caretakers for Mr.Sahni’s farmhouses and also arranges regular follow-up
 inspection of all his properties.

The Premier Insurance Company of Geneva, Switzerland, required a feasibility
 study on the prospects of entering the Indian market. Capital Solutions arranged for
a professional market study and submitted a complete and unbiased report
on the findings.

Ms.Shakuntala, a legendary film actress, socialite and wife of a prominent personality,
 wanted her Delhi residence renovated to her specifications.
 Capital Solutions arranged for comprehensive décor and structural modifications
 through its associate architects (based in Agra). She was very pleased with the results,
 and commissioned Capital Solutions for a photographic record of all her properties.

Mr.R.P.Desai, an industrialist from Rajkot, Gujarat, felt the need to open a small office
 in West Bengal to handle his growing business in that region, but was frustrated by his
 busy schedule.    Capital Solutions solved his problem by arranging office premise
 in Kolkata, complete with furniture and staff, handing it over to his representative
after managing it independently for five months.

Mr.G.Bruno, of Stockholm, Sweden, sent an e-mail requesting assistance
in locating collections of antique toys he wished to add to his collection.
Capital Solutions arranged his shipment in five weeks, for which he has expressed utmost satisfaction.

Mr.D.Fitzgerald, U.K. photographer on assignment in India, called late one night
 asking for help in a crisis: his main camera had broken down.    Capital Solutions
got the camera fixed by noon the next day, to his great delight and gratitude.

The Birla Educational Trust possessed around two acres of arid land in Rajasthan
 which they desired to utilise for the construction of a modern residential school.
With its associate architects, Capital Solutions executed the project well within
the stipulated budgetary and schedule limits.

Ask for more examples.
Call 55693957 or 98411-55857

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