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Capital Solutions
Business consulting firm.
(Area Code 044 for Madras) : 55693957 (office/residence)
mobile phone: 98411-55857.
Please note that the southern city of Madras is now officially renamed Chennai.
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Capital Solutions is positioned as a practical frontline organization offering professional
 support services to corporate, small management,
and even individual needs.

Experienced and dedicated staff
ready to act at short notice from offices in Chennai, Kolkata and New Delhi,
and an overseas office in Bahrain, Capital Solutions is ideally equipped to provide
professional and instant response to the needs of managements worldwide.

Capital Solutions has been launched by a small group of talented professionals
from fields as varied as Office Administration, Personnel Management,
Marketing, Factory Production-Line Control, Architecture, Finance, International Trade,
Education, Literary Consultancy and Professional Photography.
It is this confluence of diverse talents that gives Capital Solutions a unique profile
and an inherent and almost magical ability to succeed at troubleshooting and creative planning.

What can Capital Solutions do ?

We are inclined to assert that there is hardly any task beyond our potential reach.
Below is a short list of activities that have been planned for or already undertaken.

Auxiliary Management Support

Back Office Operations
Placement and Recruitment Services
Branch Office Setup/Management  -  turnkey office start-up in India
Advertising and Publicity
Housekeeping and Accounts
Public and Customer Relations

Commercial Trade Services

Comprehensive services for foreign buyers
India Representation Arrangement
Sourcing of Export Commodities
Zonal Marketing of Products
Product and Industrial Photography
Architectural Consultancy

Investment Consulting

General Investments
Charities Advisory and Funds Management
Real Estate Options

Personalized Services

A comprehensive portfolio of services intended
exclusively for Non Resident Indians and foreigners
requiring a reliable resource in India.

Personnel Selection for prospective employers seeking qualified personnel from India
candidates will be identified, interviewed and shortlisted by us.
 Post-selection follow up is also provided.

Representation for foreign universities and colleges seeking to recruit students
under exchange programs or general admissions.

Business Process Outsourcing This is a fast growing industry
(presently stirring up a lot of controversy in the US).  I'm well versed with the administrative
aspects of these establishments, and can arrange complete
infrastructure and operating facilities if adequately funded by the foreign principal.
In the present economic scenario, this looks the most promising
 and calls for priority emphasis.
Related services are medical and legal transcription and language translation.

Architectural Services (in Delhi-Agra region, extendable to any place in India)
and Bahrain based services.    My brother and his wife who are both professional architects
in Bahrain provide the input for these.

Investment consulting We have a donor advisory for suggesting deserving charitable
and welfare projects needing support. We also arrange exclusive real estate purchases
of prime property particularly for Non-Resident Indians returning home to settle,
as well as maintaining their already-owned property and other assets while they are away.

Assistance to foreign visitors in India these services are comprehensive,
and consultation is free of cost. Any expenses incurred with arranging transportation,
accommodation, food etc. will have to be paid by them as 'actuals' so they will not be incurring
 any additional costs by engaging our assistance.
The idea behind this was to provide proper and vital guidance locally,
and was inspired by the difficulties faced by a foreign acquaintance of mine.
The altruistic motivation is not without its trade-off: I get to meet interesting people
and they carry my brochures (listing all business services) back home with them.

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