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"Life transitions are gifts of gold"  Shirley Stone

Shirley Stone

                  When Shirley was faced with the difficult decision to break herself or her family apart, she found herself overwhelmed. It took years of struggle for her to find the courage to make the right decision for both herself and her family.

                 Her path of self-discovery reconnected her to her courage, introduced her to empowerment and inspired her to share this knowledge through workshops and private coaching.

                 Shirley has over 20 years in the New York advertising industry. She has worked for ad agency media departments and started her sales career in magazines - Redbook and Cosmopolitan. In the early 1980's she switched from magazines to the just emerging cable TV industry and was a member of the first MTV sales team. From there she moved on to working for Ted Turner at CNN and then the first New York Director of Sales for The Discovery Channel where she managed a team of account executives and sales support people. Disillusioned with the corporate environment she started a media consulting business and worked on the launch of The Food Network and several Internet companies.

                 She holds an MBA, is a graduate of the Communispond Public Speaking Course and is a certified Empowerment Life Coach.


Shirley Stone and daughter Elizabeth

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