B-17 cockpit view, silo cloud face, weird stuff, outhouse, cow skull, ghetto scene, totem pole, beanie babies,
humor teddy bear with hat, autumn, Millerton, NY

kids love bubbles !
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Living Pictures  is an online magazine
 and resource based on photography. 

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In addition to beautiful images, it contains a wealth of resource links covering many subjects.
Check back often for new subjects and pages.
This site is being created for pure entertainment, education, and visual pleasure.

               It's designed and maintained by photographer Paul Smyres.  Living Being Media makes periodic donations to organizations that benefit young victims of violence or hunger or health issues.   Any organizations that wish to be linked to this site or help with this effort may contact us through email:  paul@livingbeing.com

           Mr. Smyres created this internet site in April 1999 after being moved by the events
 at Columbine High School and in Kosovo.   He intends to help establish a foundation to
 benefit young victims of violence.  Since the events of September 11, 2001, Mr. Smyres
 stepped up his efforts to enlarge and promote this site.
  Visitor traffic has multiplied 20
since September 2001.  Having seen many cultures and been a witness to extreme
 poverty, he wishes to use his craft in a manner that will help young victims in some small
The internet is such a powerful communication tool with a proven capacity to
 generate enormous sums of money, as well as publicity, so he believes it should be used
 to help the people who, for all practical purposes, cannot help themselves.  
That is, the
 children who become victims of senseless war and other forms of violence.  

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          This site will gradually be accompanied by audio and motion enhancements,
including video and even live transmission. 

It is following a complex development plan
 that will eventually provide the following:

many links to other sources of photographs; humor,  
contests and games for amusement and education;
links to advertisers who want to associate with quality and a positive viewpoint; 
links to rare and unique merchandise, especially hand-made items and
special sections for schools, businesses, and other segments of the population. 
And, much more.  The site is undergoing continuous expansion. 

Much of the content is appealing to children.
Young people find this site fun to explore, and schools are encouraged to try it.

         Be an active part of a growing internet resource with a positive theme. 
Visit here, advertise here, tell your friends. 
This site is in the early stages of development, and there will be a large expansion 
of content as it grows.   

As a viewer, you may use this site to:

 *** Submit your amateur and professional photographs for online publication.  
 We can host your work or link to a separate page.
  ***  Enter contests for a large range of subject matter.  Examples:  ugliest pet, worst mess, funniest photo,
and more serious contests for content, theme, and beauty. 
  *** Submit photos as a set for a theme page, such as one related to a current event.

*** Buy prints, both framed and separate, of original work, postcards,
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All content on this site is protected

by international copyright laws.

Please respect them.

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using email or phone.

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Inside is the world's largest kaleidescope, Phoenecia, NY

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