New York City skyline, Grand Central station, Guggenheim museum, NYC firehouse memorial,
Empire state building, NYC schoolyard NYC subway, Macy's
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New York City photos, links
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Above:  Overpass in Central Park near the pond

New York City could easily be called the world's greatest city.  
It's the entry point for countless immigrants to the United States, many of whom make it their permanent home.  
Just about anything and any kind of person can be found here.  
NYC is home to many artists, photographers, and writers, who find ample outlets for their creativity
among the hundreds of museums and galleries.

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This photo was taken by Jenny Bullock, UK in 2000

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NYC in snow Central Park Times Square Columbus Circle

NYC skyline, one of the most photographed in the world

NY skyline

Grand Central station, NYC


Guggenheim museum


NYC view from the Palisades Parkway

The famous Empire State building, on 34th street
Empire State Building

NYC school yard, Upper West Side

NYC school

NYC street dog

Street dog

NYC firehouse memorial, after Septermber 11th
Firemen's memorial

Sightseeing bus
Tour bus

Macy's on 34th St., probably the world's largest department store


NY subway, a real adventure, especially during rush hour

Click to see subway arrive video clip

Upper west side, apartment windows.  Seinfield's home area

Upper West Side


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