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Mussoorie, India

Above:  one of the views from just east of Mussoorie, taken with a long lens

"The earth seems to rest in silent meditation; 
and the waters and the sky and the heavens
seem all to be in meditation."     Upanishads

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Mussoorie, India is a large hill station in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains.
It's situated about 6,500 feet above sea level, overlooking Dehra Dun
It's popular with Indian newlyweds.    Small paved roads connect Mussoorie with a number of other small
and large "hill stations", including Denaulti and Chomba
The views are spectacular and the air is fresh and clear.

The Himalayas are the source of the sacred Jumna and Ganges rivers.   
There are two other rivers as well, that are considered sacred.
They begin very high in the mountains, and many faithful Hindus try to reach at least one of the
sacred sources during their lifetime.     For thousands of years, these great rivers have literally brought
life to countless people, in the form of water for irrigation and every other need.

Beware.... traveling around the Himalayas by car is not for everybody !
The roads are narrow, sometimes with steep cliffs next to them,
and the roads are shared by everyone from shepherds with goats
to fairly large trucks and buses.  Drivers use their horns constantly.
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Sunrise at Flag Hill

The famous clock tower

narrow roads....
Mullingar hill

Clock tower.
near center of town



View west of Siwalik Range

Kulri section, near sunset

notice the "winter line"
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