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Women are very important in India
While not always treated well, nevertheless they have great influence
in family life and childhood education.

              India is a mystical and beautiful country with a very long history.   Although it's now associated
 with poverty in the minds of many, it was at one time fabulously wealthy in some parts.   
Even now, India has some of the best mathematicians, doctors, and computer programmers. 
One of the main problems is the huge population and widespread illiteracy.   The region that includes all of India and Tibet is the source of many
revered and eloquent religious texts, such as the Upanishads

See some images from photographer Paul Smyres'  trips to India and Thailand    Taj Mahal

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       Hill stations are small towns in the mountains of India that act as a commercial and transportation hub.    They generally serve a very sparse and far flung population that lives in small villages in the region.   

       Indian villagers frequently interact with various domestic animals, either through work or transportation.   Besides domestic animals, there are many wild animals and birds that live near or not far from people.

       A few of the hill stations are served by narrow guage railways, relics of the British era, still in use today, over 100 years later.   Nilgiri railroad

A tea shop near Mussoorie

small temple near Shimla

Full moon over Shimla
a sadhu, Hindu holy man

Indian railways

child portrait tips
All photos in above row copyright Prabir Mudaliar and Studio 99, all rights reserved.
Mr. Mudaliar is our Indian correspondent and he will soon be adding
a large sampling of images from his travels there.

Sunset over the Jumna river

Famous Taj Mahal

Taj from the rear side

Shimla, hill station
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Nilgiri Mountain Railway, India
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