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Flying Across America
Simulated aerial journey

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Part 2 in our Flying across America series

Flight number:   ACAM2
September 29, 2009
From:  3B1  Greenville, ME

To:   3B1  Greenville, Maine

On all of our flights, the real weather for that date and time was used in FSX

Leave Greenville, Maine in a Beech twin Bonanza

The "Story"

Okay, we're now loading 2 more friends and a bunch of gear, heading out at sunrise.

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Aircraft:  Beech twin Bonanza

Challenges:   light fog, mountains.






Hawk climbout

Great Screen shots from other flights
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All photos and written content on this website
copyright Paul Smyres 2009
Living Being Media   All rights reserved.

Concorde landing

BAE Hawk dive

F-16 night approach

Howard 500 night cruise

Aero 159B jet, landing


Twin Otter tough

F-16 night landing

Cessna 414

S-3 approaching Seattle

DHC5 Buffallo, dawn