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Flying a simulated aircraft is exciting, and has never been more interesting or
realistic than it is now, due to fantastic computers and programs.

4 legs.   4 aircraft.

This flight is scenic and offers difficult terrain, challenging airports.
Telluride is in a deep valley with gusty winds, even on nice days.
Check your aircraft specs for high altitude and weights.
Be careful going into and getting out of valleys.

TBM 700   Single Engine Turbine
Dawn Cruise from Durango to Telluride, CO, USA
Change planes on 4 legs arriving in Aspen, CO.

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FIrst leg
KDRO     5700 / 9200  ft  
To:   KTEX  9078 / 6700 ft

 TBM 700
Challenge:    low light, high mountains

Second leg
 to:  KGUC   7680 / 9386  ft

Cessna 414  Light Twin
Challenge:   climbing out over mountains

Cruise along the 333 degree radial from 108.2
You'll need at least 16,000 feet to clear mountains
With a turbine like this it's easy.

Climbing out of Telluride.    Thin air affects performance.
With a light twin take your time
Good idea to spiral up and out over the mountains.

Dawn is a fantastic time to fly.
If you get up high it comes a little earlier.
www.airnav.com   charts, weather

Gear down, approach to KGUC,  ILS  110.5   62 degrees
Cessna 414 is a smooth airplane.   Nice !

You can use the ILS 109.3   90 degrees, to land
Or go in VFR   contact tower for clearance

About to touch town at KGUC
Now go have a 200 dollar hamburger.


Third leg
to:  KASE   7820 / 7007 ft
Lear 45 business jet
Challenge:   high speed, steep descent
Fourth leg

to:   KGNB   8203 / 5095
Beech 1900   regional twin turboprop
Challenge:   mountains, small field

Steep descent, be careful.

Watch your approach speed !
This is not so easy, especially with wind.
And mind the stall speed too.

Fantastic full motion simulator
You have to try this, it's amazing, and small, too.  
Fits in a room.

Perfect touchdown !

Final approach, KGNB
AOPA - a great organization
 Fantastic full motion simulator
 You have to try this, it's amazing, and small, too.  
 Fits in a room.

Fly cool jets like the F-14 

Extreme low flight
F-16 Pakistan
Learn the ILS
instrument landing system

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