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Aviation and aircraft are very important to modern civilization but many people do not realize it.
Aviation, including small aircraft, perform many very critical jobs and functions.
Today, aviation is facing a barrage of difficulties and misperceptions.

One objective of our aviation section and blog is to alert people to the excitement of flying.
Anyone can learn to fly if they really want to.    Remember, throughout the world
very young people learn how to fly very fast and complicated airplanes in the military.
You can learn to fly a simple one and enjoy a wonder that few people know, controlled flight that YOU do.

Vintage aircraft    Pilot training    Flight simulator destinations   Cessna 152 / 172

Flight Across America

This is a log of a simulated flight across United States.   Follow along or fly some of the flight legs.
Each flight leg is done in a different aircraft and has a separate page and a story / comments.

I am flying from Maine to S. California, then up to Seattle and down to Miami.
From Miami I will then return to the Northeast.
I will be taking in some important sights, visiting towns that are part of aviation's legacy.

Current location of the aircraft:    Sand Diego, California  KNZY
Lear 45  corporate jet

23 legs have been flown so far, from Caribou, Maine, to San Diego, California.
We have traveled from the far Northeast to far Soutwest, in a diagonal.

I expect around 100 legs will be flown by journey's end.

Stage 1.    Maine to S. California ( complete )

First Leg:  Caribou Maine, to Greensville, Maine    ACAM1
Greensville to Berlin, ME
See list of legs below and click on links to flight pages

Other flights:     09sept18B.htm      09sept21A.htm

Beech 1900 ILS landing, extreme low ceiling, fog, night

We're taking this seriously, for training, education, and entertainment.
See our other pages on flight school and flight simulators

System being used

 iMac 24 inch 3.06 Ghz with the Nvidia 8800 series card.   2 GB Ram
Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit running FSX Deluxe
Additional 19 inch flat monitor for guages, radios, GPS, or views
Many added planes and some scenery
CH Products Pedal and yoke.   Saitek  X45 joystick and throttle.
external stereo sound, 2 speakers


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Journey conditions and rules:

highest realism settings on FSX Flight simulator, including weather, p-effect, gyro, etc.
real weather;  whatever weather is happening at the current departure airport is what I fly in.
different aircraft for each leg, chosen by terrain, weather, scenery, load, "story"
real navigation beacons and / or GPS   using VOR to VOR, NDB's, dead reckoning, or GPS
I often use real sectional or high altitude charts while "flying".
Use of ATC ( air traffic control ) for clearances, flight following, IFR, controlled airspaces
ILS landings when appropriate or desired.
Load, fuel, weight and balance checked before flights.
Flight plans filed when necessary or desired.   Use of flight following for navigation assistance.
Use of map is permitted and encouraged.   ( if you have one, damn well better use it ! )
That being said, I try to "fly" with the instruments on the panel, beacons, radio, etc. on older planes.

I try to fly the whole flight leg at one sitting, but sometimes on long legs
I use the 2x or 4x sim speed to save time.

Log Notes:
Times given in local 24 hour time.   Some flights began in VFR and ended in IFR.

Flt. # From To


Time Leg begin
Aircraft Overview / Challenges
ACAM1 KCAR 3B1 V 5.30 to Caribou, ME
Staggerwing Caribou Maine, dawn
few gauges, dark, mtns,
ACAM2 3B1 KBML I   Greenville, ME Beech twin
fog on field, low ceiling, scenic dawn
ACAM3 KBML KLEB I   Berlin, ME Aerocommander
weather, building clouds, hills, dawn
ACAM4 KLEB KGFL V   Lebanon, NH Cessna 172 simple practice flight in a trainer
ACAM5 KGFL KVGC V   Glens Falls, NY BAE 167 jet
military trainer
longer leg, faster
ACAM6 KVGC KERI V   Hamilton, NY Lancair weather, wind marginal VFR
ACAM7 KERI KYNG V   Erie, PA Tobago 30 bad rain, clouds, had to land sooner
ACAM8 KYNG KOSU V 9.35- Youngstown, OH Cessna 182 improving weather
ACAM9 KOSU KFFO V 11.30-12.15 Columbus Beech bonanza fair weather, short flight, fun

Joint strike fighter F-35 FAST airplane.   be careful, don't stall landing
ACAM11 KSUS KSUS V St. Louis Cessna "bird dog" Tour of St. Louis, fly under the arch
ACAM12 KSUS KAIZ I St. Louis Mooney must land early, weather, rain
ACAM13 KAIZ KBEC I Lake Ozark,
Beech 1900 fair weather, VFR at 8,500 ft.
VERY strong crosswind landing
FAA14 KBEC KGCK V night Wichita, KS Beech 18 nice cruise, follow highways, towns, VOR's
FAA15 KGCK KTAD V 10:50 Garden City, KS Cirrus 20 very low fuel, some clouds
Trinidad, CO Pilatus PC-7 nice ride, cross mountains, touch and go
at Angel Fire and Taos.  WINDY
FAA17 KSAF KROW V 5.17 Santa Fe, NM Corsair dawn, pass through a cold front, clouds
FAA18 KROW KTCS V 6.45 Roswell, NM TBM700 clouds over plateau
FAA19 KTCS 94E V 8.15 Truth or
Piper Apache nice, cross high ridge, gusty !
FAA20 94E KCFT V 9.02 Whiskey Creek Air tractor fun ride, interesting airplane, WIND
FAA21 KCFT KPHX V 9.47 King Air 350 strong crosswind takeoff, nice ride
FAA22` KPHX KYUM V Phoenix, AZ BAC 167 avoid MOA,
FAA23 KYUM KNZY V 17.20 Yuma, AZ Lear 45 smooth flight, short. 


Caravan landing

Cessna 414 leaving Aspen, CO

Fantastic full motion simulator
You have to try this, it's amazing, and small, too.  
Fits in a room.

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