Welcome to a new age in aviation

This experimental plane gets 100 MPG !

It’s a new age in aviation. More and more small planes are being designed using very light and strong materials, The FAA has a LSA, or Light Sport Aircraft designation, and a Recreational Pilot certificate. This allows more and more people to fly, albeit with some restrictions.

Our modern world needs pilots, GOOD ones.    There are so many aircraft out there, all around the world, and millions of people travel by air every day.   Many airline pilots began long ago in the military, and now we need new ones.     If there were more pilots, more smaller planes could also be used to increase travel speed in smaller regions, and offset road gridlock.

    YOU can learn to fly !

The good news is, it’s never been easier to learn how to fly.   Thousands of flight schools around the world are eager to accept new students, and the technology is, WOW.   Flight simulators, GPS, terrain mapping, iPad charts, full motion simulators, small in-home simulators.   All of this amazing gear can get you in the air faster than you think, and safer too.

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