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"Men are but children of a larger growth."

Living requires inspiration to maintain perspective and enthusiasm for life. 

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Most of the quotes on this page were taken from an old book, titled
"A Treasury of Wisdom" copyright date unknown, probably from the late 1800's.  

It's so old it has been rebound and missing the front pages.
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A cat in deep fresh snow --

"The game of life looks cheerful when one carries in one's heart the inalienable treasure." 


Dogwood in snow

"In all things, the supreme excellence is in simplicity."



"Our care should not be so much to live long,
but to live well." 



"On Earth, those who reach greatness
achieve it through concentration."


first birthday


"Love is the salt of life; 
a higher taste it gives to pleasure, and then makes it last."


Farm on Paradise Road, Millheim, PA -
Amish farms


"God made the country
and man made the town."


Click to reach Paso Fino therapeutic riding, at Gait Connection
Paso Fino horses


"Child of the sun,
refulgent Summer comes."



"The wish to know - that endless thirst, which ev'n by quenching is awakend."


Sunrise on a lake in upstate New York


"Night wanes- the vapours round the mountains curl'd,
Melt into morn, and light awakes the world."


Autumn drive in Northeastern United States


"Then came autumn, all in yellow clad."


Homes and interiors


"Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like

J. Howard Payne

Moon pictures


"Those gifts are ever the most acceptable
that are made precious by the giver."  



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