How much does it cost?


Aerial photos make great gifts

Rates for aerial photography depend on the type of project.   My rates are very reasonable and account for my time shooting and editing, shipping, and of course the aircraft / pilot.

Price considerations:

Do you need prints or will you get prints made elsewhere.  ( my rates are good for prints and my supplier has a nice printer )  Many customers only need the digital images on a DVD.

How long will the job take? I always fly out of an airport near the location.  Usually the flights are an hour or so.  Once I do the shoot, I send a few edited samples by email within 24 hours or so.    I generally send out the finished DVD within a week, faster if you need it.

Shipping ( large prints cost more to ship than a DVD or small prints, of course )   I can arrange express shipping.

Post production costs. I personally review all the photos from all the jobs I do.   I sort them out, delete bad ones, and make adjusted copies of a couple dozen.   Some of my customers have their own printing and editorial staff so they only need minimal processing.  Other customers need extensive work for large prints.  If you need it, I can do extensive post production work.

Plane or helicopter? BIG difference in price, and some “choppers” are very expensive.  Fortunately, in most cases, a small plane or small helicopter is fine.  Should the job require a helicopter it will cost at least 2 to 5 times what a small plane will cost.   Helicopters are in great demand so sometimes one has to use the one available at the time, possibly a larger one.

As a guide, figure a typical flight with a small airplane, with some basic editing, an hour of flying, shipping, etc. will cost about 600 dollars  ( USD).     However, there are a lot of variables.

Please call for a quote.  I’ll go over details, ask a lot of questions about what you need, and give you a quote.

I plan all my flights carefully to get great lighting and shooting angles.


I can accept paypal, credit cards through Paypal, checks, or cash.

In almost all cases, I receive payment before the job is done.    I guarantee to get the job done, and I have never missed on a job.

The reason for pre-payment is because this is custom work involving considerable expense.   On the day of the shoot, I pay for the aircraft rental and pilot.    Once I schedule the shoot I am fully committed to the job and put in time researching the location and setting up the flight plan.

Payment is not made until the flight is scheduled, usually.   If you wish to pay by check that’s fine, but for first time customers I wait for the check to clear before doing the job.

I can issue 1099 or W-9 forms for any customer who needs those forms for tax purposes.  Formal printed invoices are always sent with the DVD or prints.

Rhinebeck Bridge, Hudson Valley, NY

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