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Paul Smyres

I’ve worked professionally as a photographer  for more than 12 years, and done a wide variety of photography projects, including products and stock photos.      Photography was also a hobby for me since high-school.     I became interested in aviation when one of my sons went to flight school and got his license at age 17.    Since then my photography business evolved to more and more aerial photo work.    I’ve  done aerial photo jobs in 6 states and flown out of at least 50 airports.     I also write about aviation, pilot training, and flight simulation.    see www.bestpilotguide.com and www.livingpictures.org/aviation

Planning a flight

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Some years ago I started taking flying lessons and gradually have logged over 85 hours.   I have soloed in a Piper Cherokee 140 and flown a number of other models as well.  I’m also an avid flight simulator fan.   I’ve read many books and magazines about flying so I’m very knowledgeable about aviation.     I use real charts and instruments in the flight simulator and that has enabled me to learned most of the instruments in common aircraft. In addition to my photography, I am adept at computers.    I do all my own editing with Photoshop.  I know how to create images that can be used by various media, such as the internet and printing.

I own  Living Being Media, a group of internet sites based on my photography and writing.

If you would like to read a longer bio of me, see this page.



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