Types of aerial photography

March 15th, 2010

Aerial photography is challenging and definitely not for everyone. Aside from trying to frame the photo in a cramped, vibrating space, there is the difficulty of precisely locating the property you want to photograph.

There are several kinds of aerial photography.

The most common kind is what’s called “oblique”.  That means the photos are taken from an “oblique” angle, for example from 30 to 75 degrees.   Vertical aerial photography is direct 90 degrees.  This usually requires a camera mounted in the floor of the aircraft.   This type of photography is more expensive,  and is most often used when precise measurements are needed.

Oblique photography produces a much more aesthetic image.   We do oblique photography.

Mohonk Mountain resort, New Paltz, NY

Kites ?  Balloons ?  for aerial photos ?       Yes, BUT…….

Another recent innovation in aerial photography is the use of small balloons, or even kites,
to carry a digital wireless camera that sends the photo down to an operator on the ground
who views a screen and snaps the photo.

This is useful in situations where you can’t get a plane into an area,  or get it low enough for good photos.

Balloon based aerial photos require special equipment, and are not necessarily less costly, because they still require the operator to travel to the location,  set up, and edit the photos.   Plus, you still need a nice camera if you hope to get good resolution.

Lumber yard

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