Scheduling a shoot

March 16th, 2010

Boston, MA

To get great aerial photos timing is very important.

It’s all about lighting.   We need a nice sun angle.  In some cases, that means a morning shoot, or afternoon, depending on the subject’s orientation toward the sun.   It’s better to wait for good weather than hurry.

In many cases a subject location is near a busy airport, tall buildings, towers, wires, and so on.   All of that has to be considered when setting up a flight.   In summer it’s common to have haze from atmospheric moisture, and that can make a photo less impressive.    In Spring and Autumn, the air usually has less moisture and lighting can be very crisp.

Once a customer has confirmed a job, I immediately research the job and find a plane / pilot to complete the job.   Sometimes an aircraft rental operation ( usually a flight school ) is very busy, especially on the nice days I want to shoot on.    Usually a few days notice is all I need, but more is better.

Weather can change, of course, so plans may have to be adjusted.

from the air, you can see all kinds of beauty

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