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March 16th, 2010

Mid Hudson bridge, Poughkeepsie, NY

Stock aerial photos

I get quite a few inquiries about stock aerial photos.    Typically, the person asks if I happen to have a nice aerial photo of a location such as their home, farm, etc.   Usually they want it right away, and for a cheap price.

While I do indeed have many thousands of aerial photos, it’s very unlikely that I have something so specific, and if I do it might be in the wrong season, an older photo, or not the right angle.

It’s a BIG country out there, folks, and there are millions of things to take pictures of.   I cannot shoot constantly in hopes someone might someday want a photo of their home, business, town, etc.

I do have a lot of stock photos of  some things like bridges, famous landmarks in my region, city and town skylines.   Call if you would need some stock photos.    Sometimes I can get some shots while doing another job, or I might just have what you are looking for.

Usage rights

When I sell stock photos I sell the rights to use it in various media.   Rarely would I ever sell exclusive rights to a certain image, and when i do it’s not cheap.   A better way to get great stock photos is hire me to make a custom flight to photograph the subject you want.   That way you get a large selection of photos ( usually more than 100 ), and non-exclusive usage rights for all of them.   Except in rare cases, most images from custom jobs are never sold again as stock photos, so for all practical purposes, photos from a custom job are never published except by the customer.

If I do happen to have a suitable stock photo for your needs, price depends on use and distribution, and how unique the image might be.

Please call if you have a stock photo need.

Bridge over river in Boston, MA

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