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We get great shots from the air.

Zachem Bridge, Boston, MA

New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey

Paul Smyres

Prompt response to calls

917-239-3151  mobile, or 518-789-9345

9:00 a.m.  to   6:00 p.m.  EST  Monday  – Saturday

11 to 5  Sunday

Please call for a job quote or more information.   email:

We cannot give an estimate without details of the project.   Multi-flight jobs, such as monthly flights, receive benefit of quantity pricing.   Scheduling depends on weather primarily.

Professional work.

Anyone can go up in a plane and take pictures,  but it takes a professional to get top notch angles and composition,  in addition to preparing the image for all kinds of uses.   We plan our jobs carefully,considering such things as lighting, time of year, desired angles, building orientation, and so on.

We don’t just take the pictures.   We can prepare them for all media uses.

We provide a full range of photography services and can prepare the images for professional use.

Aerial photos are unique and valuable.

They serve many purposes and make great gifts.   Aerial photos are used to document construction projects, legal issues involving land, to sell property, for public relations, and much more.

Call for latest prices and for details about specific projects.

Total costs depend on a number of factors, including:

Current fuel, plane, and pilot costs, distance, time in the air  prints and post production needs.   Helicopters are necessary for certain types of work and locations and they cost much more than small aircraft like Cessna’s.   Most jobs require about an hour of flight time.

We will contact you promptly

Call for a quote  917.239.3151   contact by email ( click link )

We will need to speak with someone about the details of the location and scheduling.

No estimates can be given without phone number
To give a proper quote, we will need to know what you need as far as prints, and the exact location of property.

This boat can go 90 mph !

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