I just bought something, now what?

   A lot of people buy money-making tools and downloads after getting all excited and caught up in the sales pitch.    Then, the big question;  now what do I do?

     Read the instructions.   Very important.    To be fair to the person who created the product, one should at least try it, find out how it works, then apply what you learn.

     Not all of the hyped-up “make money online” products are scams.  Far from it.   Problem is, many people don’t actually do what’s necessary.   Naturally they fail.   It’s like buying a great bicycle and not knowing how to ride it.    Does you no good at all.

    Take notes as you read the instructions, highlight main points.   Make an action checklist.

     Better yet, involve a friend or family member in your business.   You can collectively do more and understand better, divide up tasks, and inspire each other.

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