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Best Stuff for pilots, 1 of a series, video

      Best Pilot Guide      Pilot resource site Hi Everyone, Pilots need really good stuff that works like it should.    I’m reviewing a bunch of products at one time and putting them into 10 minute videos.  

iPad – YES ! but get great apps

The value of an iPad is beyond description. Skip the hemming and hawing, just go get one.  You won’t regret it.  BUT, to make it truly indispensable get the APPS that are perfect for you.  No matter who you are or what you do, there is a perfect APP for you. Go to the APP […]

Compasses – they’re really important.

Navigation article Do you know how to navigate ? Click on article link above.. Compasses are a pilot’s best friend because they don’t use any electronics, for one thing.      If you do much hiking, boating, flying, driving, or biking, it’s a good idea to have a quality compass in your gear.  Compasses come […]

Buy an airplane ASAP ( no we’re not crazy )

All content copyright Paul Smyres, Living Being Media, all rights reserved. Current aviation situation favors owning your own aircraft : large inventory, long life of maintained aircraft, tax breaks, lower prices, crowded airports, parking, etc…… Believe it or not, NOW is a great time to buy an airplane. CLICK ON LINK TO SEE ARTICLE, PHOTOS […]

Chef’s choice – GREAT knife sharpeners

Keep your knives sharp ! Take a look at their site.   They make stuff for pros so it’s good quality.    A good friend is a talented cook, and she loves her new knife sharpener.   It’s no use paying good money for quality knives, if you don’t keep them sharp.