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Flashlights… even a small light is better than none

See our video on YouTube.   flashlights and headlamps by Petzl, Princeton Tec, and more.     &nbsp        

Small Street / Trail bikes = cheap reliable transportation

Honda made a huge number of very reliable small motorbikes and scooters since the 1960’s. These days getting around can be expensive, and many of our trips are to someplace nearby…   an appointment, pick up the mail, do a little shopping, etc.   If you get yourself a nice, single cylinder on / off […]

great headlamps.. Princeton Tec and Petzl

Headlamps can be extremely useful in many situations.   Petzl makes quality equipment for caving and camping.   Princeton Tec also makes great quality headlamps.  Find good prices on eBay.      Below>..   These are GREAT flashlights !!  very bright, broad swath of light not just a beam.   light weight, nice colors, has […]

Great knives

Knives have been one of the most useful of all tools for many thousands of years. They are simple, and they can do a lot.   A good one will last a lifetime, too. CRKT… or Columbia River Knife and Tool company. They make very high quality stuff, with ingenious designs. Watch our video about […]

Aladdin Renaissance Technology ™

Great products to take with you on adventures, travel. Aladdin tests and recommends a host of useful items, and assembles them into kits for various purposes. See their store at www.renaissancetool.com   See their survival and rebuilding tools site      

Wild edible plants….free food !

Most people don’t realize how much fantastic food is growing all around them.    All you have to do is stop for a minute and ask, “what did people do before there were grocery stores ?”.    Really… they lived for THOUSANDS of years without any stores.  Slowly people got lazy, forgot, etc, and here […]

“Aladdin Survival Kits” ( tm )

WATCH A VIDEO… light knife fire Ingenious selection of tools, supplies, and resources in ready-to-go packs. Basic, medium, and large. Watch the videos…. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with the stuff packed into our bags. See our YouTube section http://www.youtube.com/beststufftobuy Light, knife, fire   the basics for survival, video www.renaissancetools.com Be Prepared

Naneu K4L camera bag / backpack.

GREAT bag to travel with. 5 stars. By Naneu well made, clever design, laptop compartment Watch the video review http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3SczrJbLz0

Ipod touch – music and more

If you haven’t heard of the iPod you may be living in a cave. Keep your thousands of songs handy everywhere you go.    But, that’s not all….  the iPod touch can get online, and download “apps”, giving it so many functions you’ll feel almost naked without it.  Fantastic traveling companion.  ( if you’re travel […]