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BOOKS.. vintage technology used worldwide

Never underestimate the power of a good book ! People and whole countries have been changed by a single book, or bunch of them. Support your local book stores, or anyone selling GOOD books.   Sure, there’s a lot of junk books, but also loads of excellent ones.  Old, new, in or out of print… […]

Buy / sell books – great prices and service

Great service and selection.   They buy a million titles.   Go to their site to see if you have any books they need.   You can also buy books of course. See their new YouTube section  http://www.youtube.fatbrainbooks Video, how to find good books to sell to them.      

Need cash, sell your books online

www.fatbrain.co.uk on Twitter   www.twitter.com/fatbrainbooks Oh yeah, they sell books, of course.    Great service, fast shipping.    

Quickbooks accounting software

Quickbooks makes accounting much easier. Do you run any kind of business?    Accounting got you down?   It’s hard to go wrong with Quickbooks, available for Mac or PC.   You can use built-in templates for a variety of business types, or set it up precisely for all your unique accounts. Using it is […]