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Best Stuff for pilots, 1 of a series, video

      Best Pilot Guide      Pilot resource site Hi Everyone, Pilots need really good stuff that works like it should.    I’m reviewing a bunch of products at one time and putting them into 10 minute videos.  

Otter Box case, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.

You spent a lot of buckaroos on your trusty iPhone ( or Blackberry ), so do yourself a favor, and protect it. This Otter Box Defender case is ideal.   It’s tough, has it’s own screen protector, and covers for those vulnerable holes ( for headphones, charging ).   If you travel a lot, you […]

WHAT, you don’t have an iPhone yet?

For those you who: aren’t persuaded yet Try it, you’ll like it.   Tons of apps, works with your Apple computer ( WHAT, you don’t have that either?  poor dear ) loads of accessories, extremely versatile so easy to use, video, great quality and durability.  I’ve dropped mine many times, took it to India and […]