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Otterbox Defender case for iPad… excellent

If you haven’t heard of Otterbox you need to check them out. Their cases withstand hard use, travel, and occasional abuse. The Defender series is their best case, and frankly, it’s indispensable.    It does add weight, but if you use your iPad the way most people do, you want to take it wherever, and […]

Panasonic SDR-H200 vid cam

There are a lot of great video cameras out there, but this is the one I use, and I like it. I had a number of criteria to meet, including a built in hard drive, and an external memory storage as well.   I wanted the “flip screen”, and small size for portability.    This […]

Flight Simulator FSX – very amazing

Microsoft came out with FSX quite a few years ago, and has now unfortunately abandoned it. However, if you get this program installed on a nice computer, with your pedals, yoke, throttle, and maybe a second monitor, well… You can fly anywhere in the world, in any weather, and hundreds of different kinds of aircraft. […]

Mac Intel — “Get a Mac, Jack !”

All content copyright Paul Smyres, Living Being Media, all rights reserved.  No reproduction. The new Intel chip iMac is a true wonder machine, and of course MacBook Pro and Mac Pro     OMG ! When you switch to Mac you don’t look back……… “And oooh, what great designs you have !” One used to […]