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Do you value your body ?  There’s a famous quote from Hippocrates, “father” of modern medicine.  “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”

Human bodies are incredible.   Take care of yours and it will take care of you.    Eat well, eat variety, drink clean water.   Move your body, and breathe fresh air.  very, very simple.

These are suppliers and products we personally use and recommend.

Santa Cruz organic foods – ships anywhere, order online or buy in stores

Monkshood Nursery and Gardens – Hudson Valley NY region   Community garden projects.

Fairway Markets in NYC –   very famous.  if you ever go to NYC, check it out.  unbelievable variety, stuff you rarely see too. natural foods and herbs.    “let your food be medicine, and your medicine be your food.”   Hippocrates.  Still true Hudson Valley Region, NY

Moon in the Pond Massachusetts and New York

Ascended Health Products

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