Navigation chart plotters

Do YOU know how to navigate ?  

Without navigation, civilization could not exist.

You need to know where you are and where you want to go.

Then you can use some of these tools to help you get there.

Oh, and don’t forget to take along a map when you travel.

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Small Street / Trail bikes = cheap reliable transportation

stuff happens, be ready

Honda made a huge number of very reliable small motorbikes and scooters since the 1960’s.

These days getting around can be expensive, and many of our trips are to someplace nearby…   an appointment, pick up the mail, do a little shopping, etc.   If you get yourself a nice, single cylinder on / off road bike, it will save you a lot of money, and you’ll also have a lot of fun.   Once you own one, you’ll never be without at least some transportation.   They are cheap to maintain and insure, too.

Check out these bike models from Honda.   Passport C70, Cub, CT70, CT90, CT110, CT 125, CL series, the ST90, XL80, XL100, and many others.   They last a long time if reasonably cared for.  I own one from 1980 that has barely 1000 miles on it.   runs and looks great.

Look for them on Ebay and Craigs List.   States vary with licensing laws, so do a little research.   To go on the road you need headlights, mirror, and at usually signal lights.

In many countries scooters and small motorcycles are far more common than cars.  They make total economic sense.  You’d be shocked to see what some people carry on them, or how many people.

Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Yamaha also have made great small motorcycles and scooters.   I recommend the earlier ones from 1960’s through 80’s.   you can often find one in great condition, stored in a garage or barn.   they can last for literally decades, so you can pass them down through the family.

great headlamps.. Princeton Tec and Petzl

Headlamps can be extremely useful in many situations.   Petzl makes quality equipment for caving and camping.   Princeton Tec also makes great quality headlamps.  Find good prices on eBay.     

Below>..   These are GREAT flashlights !!  very bright, broad swath of light not just a beam.   light weight, nice colors, has a clip, and is water resistant.     Can’t ask for more in a useful tool.   comes with batteries, and uses a standard AA.   LED’s mean long battery life.




stuff happens, be ready



Best Stuff for pilots, 1 of a series, video


Best Pilot Guide

     Pilot resource site

Hi Everyone,

Pilots need really good stuff that works like it should.    I’m reviewing a bunch of products at one time and putting them into 10 minute videos.