Electric / gas scooters and motorbikes

put a trailer on a bike

Let’s face it, many times you are better off taking a small vehicle on errands.      

How about electric motorcycles ?  or small gas powered bikes ?


Great knives

Knives have been one of the most useful of all tools for many thousands of years.

They are simple, and they can do a lot.   A good one will last a lifetime, too.

stuff happens, be ready www.renaissancetools.com

CRKT… or Columbia River Knife and Tool company.

They make very high quality stuff, with ingenious designs.

Watch our video about knives

Bloggie Touch and Flip Video

It’s so nice to have a small, easy to use video camera with you whenever….. great for travel especially.

These two little cameras fit the bill. Sony Bloggie Touch and the Pure Digital Flip Video

The Sony Bloggie touch is lighter and smaller, and can take snapshots.  It’s easier to use with the wider screen, and do horizontal shots.   However, don’t let the battery go down to zero or you’ll lose the photos and videos.  It holds over 2 hours of video.

The Flip Video is more durable, and won’t lose the photos when battery gets low.   It holds 2 hours of video, 16 GB version.   Video quality is excellent.


Fly a lot ? Southwest Airlines

Atlanta Airport

Southwest Airlines is a nice way to get there.

I can vouch for these people.    The staff I’ve encountered have been friendly, helpful, alert, and often funny.   They have tough jobs.    Southwest’s system of seating works smoothly.    Sign in online, print your boarding pass, get a number A, B, from 1 t0 60.   Early birds get to board earlier and choose their own seats.

They have a nice frequent flyer program too.   Use their Visa card for all kinds of purchases ( pay off the bill end of month ), and rack up loads of miles.

Southwest goes to a lot of airports, and has a hub in Baltimore.  That’s a peaceful, attractive, airport and not too busy / huge.    I’ve spent quite a bit of time there passing through on short transfers.   Other airports I’ve been to are Jacksonville, Atlanta, Albany.

I’ve heard other people say good things too, while we’re all waiting to board, or while on a flight.

Canon T1i 500 – excellent

Honestly, there are TONS of great cameras out there…. Canon, Nikon, Leica, many others

But I know about this one, the Canon Ti 500 digital SLR, and I’ll vouch for it.   It’s small, but if you travel a lot like I do, or you fly around in small airplanes, hike, or entertain yourself in unusual ways, lightweight is good.  And the price?   Amazingly low, considering I paid for it in the first few jobs I did.   Now it’s all gravy, and it’s still like new.  How can you not love a camera like that?

The body is great, loads of features, HD video, built in flash, many accessories.   But even better are the great lenses you can get.    A good lens is very important.   15 Megapixel, SD memory cards.

You want more bulk and “the look” ?   Then get the battery pack / vertical shutter button attachment.

I also recommend the Canon 30D.   It’s now my backup professional camera.   It’s been to India twice, and is still working hard for me after more than 4 years.

For me and my work, 2 bodies, a few good lenses, lights, bag, I’m good to go.

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