Artline globes

Artline celestial globe

Learning about geography and stars is made easier with well-made globes.    Artline makes high quality globes.  The one pictured is designed to help one learn about stars and constellations.  You can set it up for any location and time on earth.

Manufacturing quality is excellent.     Read more about it by searching Artline Globes, on Google.  They make a bunch of different globes in a variety of sizes and mounts.

Buy rocks ( seriously ) crystals, gems

Rocks - beautiful, long lasting

Rocks are cool, and greatly undervalued.

Diamond and sapphires are rocks and have well known value, but there are loads of other kinds of rocks that are valuable, too.     Almost all stone crystals are not only beautiful, but have amazing properties.    Quartz, for example, can produce electric waves / fields.    Do a little research about crystals.   They have been used for healing for centuries.  They help purify air and atmosphere in homes and gardens.

Meteorites are literally from out of this world, and they have amazing properties.  Some can be extremely valuable and sell for over 10,000 dollars !    There are people who specialize in just looking for meteorites.  Some get lucky and find them easily.

And fossils are amazing too !   Many are millions of years old, depicting incredible animals, fish, or plant life.

Rocks make great landscaping, for gardens, walkways.   Go natural, use rocks, not concrete.