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Hi Everyone,

Pilots need really good stuff that works like it should.    I’m reviewing a bunch of products at one time and putting them into 10 minute videos.


Wild edible plants….free food !

You could own and fly this airplane

Most people don’t realize how much fantastic food is growing all around them.    All you have to do is stop for a minute and ask, “what did people do before there were grocery stores ?”.    Really… they lived for THOUSANDS of years without any stores.  Slowly people got lazy, forgot, etc, and here we are..

John Kallas, PHD  has written a great book.   Edible Wild Plants, wild food from dirt to plate.


BOOKS.. vintage technology used worldwide

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Never underestimate the power of a good book !

People and whole countries have been changed by a single book, or bunch of them.

Support your local book stores, or anyone selling GOOD books.   Sure, there’s a lot of junk books, but also loads of excellent ones.  Old, new, in or out of print… books can make you wiser, help your health, improve relationships, and much more.

Books never need batteries, will survive any power outage, and many new “books” go right to digital, so there’s nothing to have and hold.   You only buy rights to use it.    With real books, nobody can keep track of what you are reading.   Your reading habits can become totally transparent if you always read “in the cloud”.     SOMEONE keeps track of that info, even what page you are on.   weird.

So buy good used books, and keep them aside.    If electronics fail, there’s always a hard copy.    Some really important books are getting harder and harder to find.   In those cases, a digital book may be the only copy you’ll be able to buy, so do that and save it somewhere really secure.

and if you want to make money, sell used books to   Fat Brain, in UK   

In USA, buy from and sell to;






Buy / sell books – great prices and service

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Great service and selection.   They buy a million titles.   Go to their site to see if you have any books they need.   You can also buy books of course.

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Video, how to find good books to sell to them.




iPad – YES ! but get great apps

The value of an iPad is beyond description.

Skip the hemming and hawing, just go get one.  You won’t regret it.  BUT, to make it truly indispensable get the APPS that are perfect for you.  No matter who you are or what you do, there is a perfect APP for you.

Go to the APP store, and look around.  The iPad has so much utility, time saving, and entertaining merits, no review can do it justice.

Need cash, sell your books online

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Oh yeah, they sell books, of course.    Great service, fast shipping.


stuff happens, be ready
tools for recreation and renewal


Books – amazing devices last a long time !

Buy books

How can you go wrong ?    Just get good ones.   A good book could help you make money, save money, start a career, inspire you, and countless other things.   You can get used ones, too, that have the same value at a lower cost.

Try ( NOT just textbooks )   They have all kinds of books.   They also buy your used books.   TextbooksRus is located in Ohio, but has a huge inventory and will ship books anywhere.    They also have a United Kingdom operation, selling to Europe, and also buying books from customers.

TextbooksRus also sells vast numbers of college textbooks, too.

Kindle – ebook reader YES !

"No fluff, no gruff, just good stuff"

The Kindle eBook reader; YES

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Kindle. It’s in it’s second version now.   I have a close friend who LOVES it.  It saves her so much time, and money.    It’s easy to use, too.    No color, but most books aren’t in color anyway.   Great for travel, such as in airplanes and trains.   Besides downloadable books, you can also get a pretty good selection of research papers and out of print books.