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Buy a slide rule…. really. we’re not crazy

  Okay, this may sound odd to some, but in case you didn’t know, without the slide rule calculating device the engineers would not have been able to make the atom bomb, or go into space.  And guess what, if our power grid ever comes under stress from solar storms or just plain overuse, one […]

Navigation chart plotters

Do YOU know how to navigate ?   Without navigation, civilization could not exist. You need to know where you are and where you want to go. Then you can use some of these tools to help you get there. Oh, and don’t forget to take along a map when you travel.  

Aladdin Renaissance Technology

“Don’t have a revolution, have a renaissance.”  paul smyres      New Age Aircraft <a HREF=”;ServiceVersion=20070822&#038;MarketPlace=US&#038;ID=V20070822%2FUS%2Flivingpicture-20%2F8001%2F0f0f5ce2-2d61-4078-9d78-85d9301dea0a&#038;Operation=NoScript”> Widgets</a>

Flashlights… even a small light is better than none

See our video on YouTube.   flashlights and headlamps by Petzl, Princeton Tec, and more.     &nbsp        

Small Street / Trail bikes = cheap reliable transportation

Honda made a huge number of very reliable small motorbikes and scooters since the 1960’s. These days getting around can be expensive, and many of our trips are to someplace nearby…   an appointment, pick up the mail, do a little shopping, etc.   If you get yourself a nice, single cylinder on / off […]

great headlamps.. Princeton Tec and Petzl

Headlamps can be extremely useful in many situations.   Petzl makes quality equipment for caving and camping.   Princeton Tec also makes great quality headlamps.  Find good prices on eBay.      Below>..   These are GREAT flashlights !!  very bright, broad swath of light not just a beam.   light weight, nice colors, has […]

Family friendly sites, resources

The Hudson Valley of New York State is a wonderful place to visit.        Hudson Valley, NY.. things to do.

Electric / gas scooters and motorbikes

Let’s face it, many times you are better off taking a small vehicle on errands.       How about electric motorcycles ?  or small gas powered bikes ?

Great knives

Knives have been one of the most useful of all tools for many thousands of years. They are simple, and they can do a lot.   A good one will last a lifetime, too. CRKT… or Columbia River Knife and Tool company. They make very high quality stuff, with ingenious designs. Watch our video about […]

Swiss+Tech products

Swiss Tech This company makes great stuff.. There are many times when you need a small screwdriver, knife, scissors, light.  Swiss+Tech makes a whole line of really handy gadgets.  Great for travel, hiking, camping.