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        Thanks for visiting our site and reading our reviews.   All of our reviews are based on personal use, a trial of actual products, or carefully researched so our audience can trust our word.   

         We know there are tons of great products out there that we can never review, so we invite visitors to consider placing a product ad on our site for something they sell, or a service.    It will be clear to our viewers that these are paid ads, not reviewed by us directly.   We will examine the product or service’s merits before accepting the ad.   Rates depend on run time, placement, size, and other factors.   Please contact us for details.

Another way for you to promote your product here is to let us review a sample.   Contact us by email, then we can arrange to get the sample.   We will create a short video up to 10 minutes to demonstrate the product.    We will give a truly honest review of your product.    

        This site is promoted via multiple Twitter accounts, websites, blogs, and Facebook, and the site will continue to grow indefinitely.    See our post about what types of products and services we are eager to promote.

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