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old cars.. wonderful.

We know there are loads of sites out there where you can compare products, but our site is different. We only recommend what we would, or do, personally buy and use, and we’re fussy. No crap allowed, and no mediocre stuff either.

We are entrepreneurs and very active people, and we need stuff that works right and stands the test of time.   We recommend things that represent good value for your hard earned dollar.  That means it can help you make money, save money, save time, and get your work done efficiently ( or play, as the case may be.)   We support organic farming, products made from natural materials.

We like products that don’t break easily, and if they do can be repaired.   We like nice designs too.

If you have a product or service for our consideration contact us at:

We’re also on Twitter @beststufftobuy

Yes, we do accept advertising, and we love to review sample products.  Contact us !



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