Panasonic SDR-H200 vid cam

By beststuff  

There are a lot of great video cameras out there, but this is the one I use, and I like it.

I had a number of criteria to meet, including a built in hard drive, and an external memory storage as well.   I wanted the “flip screen”, and small size for portability.    This camera is very easy to use.   You can take still shots, or switch to video easily.   This allows me to take it with me almost anywhere and do a lot of stuff.  I can make advertising videos for customers and my own business, and I can take photos of products.

Some have found difficulty using the videos in various video editing programs, especially iMovie on the Mac.  I get around that easily by downloading a file conversion program that quickly converts the files to MPEG-4 ones that are readable by Quicktime, Real Player, Windows Media player,  iMovie, and other popular programs.