Mini Cooper – great ride !

By beststuff  

If you’re in the market for a car, take a good look at the  Mini Cooper.  It’s got really cool style and attractive colors.  It’s extremely economical and has a high resale value.   It’s sporty, just plain fun to drive.   The suspension and motor are from BMW, it’s quality through and through.

It handles like a dream because of the low center of gravity and wide stance.  You can get all kinds of options for it and loads of neat accessories, so you can customize it to the Nth degree.

Sure, it’s small, but that’s an advantage when it comes to parking and gas mileage.   It makes a great car for a young person, and when you’re older, get one as your spare “fun car”.    Wherever you drive, you’ll get noticed.

It has a great sound system, too.   It’s safety system includes multiple airbags, anti-lock 4 wheel disc brakes, and great road tracking ability.    The console looks like the cockpit of an airplane.