Fly a lot ? Southwest Airlines

By beststuff  

Atlanta Airport

Southwest Airlines is a nice way to get there.

I can vouch for these people.    The staff I’ve encountered have been friendly, helpful, alert, and often funny.   They have tough jobs.    Southwest’s system of seating works smoothly.    Sign in online, print your boarding pass, get a number A, B, from 1 t0 60.   Early birds get to board earlier and choose their own seats.

They have a nice frequent flyer program too.   Use their Visa card for all kinds of purchases ( pay off the bill end of month ), and rack up loads of miles.

Southwest goes to a lot of airports, and has a hub in Baltimore.  That’s a peaceful, attractive, airport and not too busy / huge.    I’ve spent quite a bit of time there passing through on short transfers.   Other airports I’ve been to are Jacksonville, Atlanta, Albany.

I’ve heard other people say good things too, while we’re all waiting to board, or while on a flight.