Mac Intel — “Get a Mac, Jack !”

By beststuff  

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The new Intel chip iMac is a true wonder machine, and of course MacBook Pro and Mac Pro     OMG !

When you switch to Mac you don’t look back………

“And oooh, what great designs you have !”

One used to be limited to one or the other, but now you can have 2 computers in one with Mac Intel.   Keep your Windows software, if you still want any of it    Do you have some Windows software you need to run, for pleasure or business?    Load up Windows in a separate section of your computer, and boom !  2 computers.    And, the Mac runs Windows better than your typical PC, much more stable.

I run Flight Simulator X on my 3.06 GHZ    24 ” iMac   2 GB RAM,.   It runs great.  I also have a number of other software packages I use Windows for from time to time.

But, the real glory of iMac and Mac Pro is speed, superb stability, and FANTASTIC operating system.    I used to spend over 100 hours per year, sometimes more, just dealing with Windows and PC problems.   GONE, thanks to Apple.  I love my Mac !    You can “deal” with a PC, but with a Mac you’ll be in love.    a few more reasons;   Garage Band, iMovie, iPhoto, sexy looks, works with all Apple gear like iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc, and a home stereo, video system as well, and the AirPort…

If you haven’t done it Jack, just get a Mac !