Flight Simulator FSX – very amazing

By beststuff  

It's not easy to land a fast jet, even in a good flight simulator

Microsoft came out with FSX quite a few years ago, and has now unfortunately abandoned it. However, if you get this program installed on a nice computer, with your pedals, yoke, throttle, and maybe a second monitor, well…

You can fly anywhere in the world, in any weather, and hundreds of different kinds of aircraft.   Plus, you can get out real charts like I do, learn all the instruments, ILS system ( Instrument landing ), antique airplanes, big jets, fighters, sea planes, and so much more.

Check out this site www.livingpictures.org/flightsimulator.htm

And, that’s not all..

You can join an online airline, fly schedules, and fly online with other seasoned (real) pilots and aircraft controllers who like flight simming as a hobby.

Many flight simulator aircraft are modeled by professional engineers and pilots, and for that reason many of them are very accurate.    If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll crash for sure.    In modern aviation simulators are used extensively, especially for large or fast aircraft.    Sure, it’s “just” a simulator, but this one’s very good if you use all its features and set up the highest realism settings.

Check it out.

Price:  Software is very cheap, like 30 bucks or so on Ebay or eslewhere.    But get the pedals and yoke, or at the least a very good joystick.   Most modern computers can run it just fine.   I use the iMac 24 inch in windows mode.   Get a good video card and at least 2GB of Ram.

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Yokes and pedals vary.   Buy used if you can ( you know, “junior” just had to have it for Christmas, but it sat in the closet for 3 years)    If you have lots of bucks, you can go h0g-wild and set up your whole garage with a full motion simulator based on FSX.

see:   www.redbirdflight.com I tried one of these… Now, THAT’s fun.  Holy cow.   180 degree, 7 screen visual, full size professional controls and seats, and it MOVES !!

*I want one now.

Flight Simulator accessories

Get a yoke, bloke !   you can’t fly with a mouse and keyboards.  Both CH Products and Saitek make excellent stuff like yokes, pedals, instrument panels, and joystics.

Pedals –   a must.   airplanes have rudders, and there’s a reason for that.

Get some Sectional charts.  Old ones are fine for sim flying, just get as recent as you can find.   Try Ebay for all of this stuff.    prices are great but do some research.