Canon T1i 500 – excellent

By beststuff  

Honestly, there are TONS of great cameras out there…. Canon, Nikon, Leica, many others

But I know about this one, the Canon Ti 500 digital SLR, and I’ll vouch for it.   It’s small, but if you travel a lot like I do, or you fly around in small airplanes, hike, or entertain yourself in unusual ways, lightweight is good.  And the price?   Amazingly low, considering I paid for it in the first few jobs I did.   Now it’s all gravy, and it’s still like new.  How can you not love a camera like that?

The body is great, loads of features, HD video, built in flash, many accessories.   But even better are the great lenses you can get.    A good lens is very important.   15 Megapixel, SD memory cards.

You want more bulk and “the look” ?   Then get the battery pack / vertical shutter button attachment.

I also recommend the Canon 30D.   It’s now my backup professional camera.   It’s been to India twice, and is still working hard for me after more than 4 years.

For me and my work, 2 bodies, a few good lenses, lights, bag, I’m good to go.