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  • Practicing “flying” when not flying

    Practicing “flying” when not flying

    You can retain more of what you learn in the air by using some techniques on the ground.            Between training flights, it’s a challenge to remember what you learned.   Flight time is expensive, too, so you want to learn as fast as you can.    Fortunately, there are a […]

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  • “Plane legs”

    “Plane legs”

      Above:     International Aerobatic Club Chapter 34   Aerobatic Open, June 19-20 2009   To fly a plane, you need to use your legs.       by Paul Smyres            An instructor once told me his best student had never driven a car, so she had no habits […]

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  • Great aerobatic air show, Ohio

    Great aerobatic air show, Ohio

    Marysville, Ohio, June 20, 2009.      Aerobatic competition.    More photos soon !   Aerobatic pilots have tremendous skill, courage, and confidence.    Go to a show and you’ll be amazed.      People wonder, “how can they do that ?”    It’s all precise and based on solid physics.     In contests, […]

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