Many kinds of aircraft


A tiny plane, but it works.






Since aviation began, many types of aircraft have been designed and built.  

The first airplane was a “single engine land”.     It wasn’t long before multi engine aircraft were built, and soon after that people figured out how to make “flying boats”, or seaplanes.   Pan American Airways began with “flying boats”.

Piston engines dominated aircraft design until the middle of the 1940’s, after World War 2.     Very soon, in the 1950’s, jets became the norm for commercial and military aircraft.     Today, there are still many piston engines in planes, along with turbo fan engines, jets, and even small Rotax, single cylinder engines.     We also have gliders ( sailplanes ), and ultralights.    Some ultralights are little more than parachutes with a small engine and a harness for a seat.


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